Plenary Lectures
Plenary Lectures

Plenary Lectures

Kazuo Azuma (Japan)
TITLE: "Chitin- and chitosan oligomers: A promising out look of a supplement for anti-tumor and -inflammation"

Silvia Bautista Baños (Mexico)
TITLE: "Algunas aplicaciones prácticas del quitosano en la agricultura"

Francisco Goycoolea (Germany)
TITLE: "Chitosans as building blocks of nanostructured particles for innovative therapies"

Ángeles Heras (Spain)
TITLE: "Del quitosano a los quitosanos"

Bruno Möerschbacher (Germany)
TITLE: "From first to third generation chitosans"

Carlos Peniche (Cuba)
TITLE: "Desarrollo de matrices de quitosana para aplicaciones biomédicas y biotecnológicas"

Julio San Román (Spain)
TITLE: "Smart polymeric systems based on chitosan formulations. An advanced contribution to Regenerative Medicine"

Waldo Argüelles (Mexico)
TITLE: "Chitosan-based thermoresponsive materials: synthesis and characterization"